Q’eswachaka Bridge & Four Lagoons Tour

From: $89.00

Visit the unique Q’eswachaka bridge, the last remaining Inca rope bridge and marvel at the architectural majesty of the Incan handwoven bridge. You will visit the bridge and be able to walk along it, taking you back to Inca times. It is made of woven grass and is 120 feet long and hangs 60 feet above the canyon’s rushing river. TIt is created during a traditional Incan ceremonial bridge building and is rebuilt every one to two years as a communal effort by all the local people of the region. You will also visit stunning lagoons and local indigenous communities.



We will pick you up at around 4:30am from your hotel in Cusco. Our first stop will be the town of Acomayo where we will stop to see the beautiful Lagoons of Pampamarca, Asnacqocha, Acopía and Pomacanchi.

After this, we will drive to the town of  Canas where we will visit the famous Inca rope brigde Q’eswachaka. The most amazing thing about this bridge is that is rebuilt every one or two years as communal effort by all the local people of the region, using the same techniques and materials as the Incas. Once we get to the bridge, we will have time to walk across it and explore the surrounding area whilst the tour guide shares interesting detail about its history.

After this, we will then make our way back to Cusco. On our way, we will make a stop at the Rumipunku gate to then finally arrive back to Cusco (2-hour drive approximately) at approx 4.30pm.


  • Hotel pick-up and drop off
  • Transportation to the site
  • Entrance fees
  • English/Spanish speaking tour guide
  • Guided tour
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • First aid kit & oxygen tank