Into Peru is a company which specialises in offering top quality tours to Peru and safe and responsible volunteer programs.

What makes Into Peru unique, is that we aim to do our best to give back to society. For every tour we sell, we donate 10 kg of much-needed food in an attempt to reduce the number of orphans who don’t know where their next meal will come from and with your help, we can make it possible!

We offer all the advantages of a renowned and reputable tour operator combined with the intimate level of detail of specialist and personal teams to ensure you have unforgettable travel experiences.

Our team in Peru is composed of local people, who have been raised in the area and know it inside and out. They are experienced, highly qualified in the industry and well equipped to take care of you throughout your journey. They speak the local language, know the local people, and are in the best position to provide guidance, safe supervision and support.

Let us share our passion for Peru with you!

Why Into Peru


We are a high quality, efficient and flexible travel company.

Our team

We have a team in the UK which will help you organise your trip, and a team in Peru which will provide assistance and support throughout your journey, making sure that you receive a unique and genuine cultural experience.


We offer competitive prices, providing travel for all budgets, working directly with local organisations, we have the knowledge and experience to provide outstanding service, support and advice to our clients.


From your first point of contact with Into Peru until the time you finish your trip, you will receive dedicated help and support and a very personal service. We will provide you with all the resources, support and information you will need anytime, anywhere.