Lima Food Tour

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Discover the secrets of our award-winning Peruvian cuisine! Our culinary adventure will take you to see a typical Peruvian market where you will find a wide variety of Peruvian products and enjoy unique fruits. You will get immersed in the Peruvian culture trying local fruits, tapas, drinks, juices and interact with local people.



We will visit the following places:

Local market in SURQUILLO: We will begin our adventure in this colorful and friendly local market in Surquillo District. Be ready to taste different kinds of exotics fruits, coming from different parts of the country like the coast, the rain forest, and the Andes. Of course, we won’t abandon this local market without trying the most representative dish of Lima called “ceviche”. But this time, you will have a unique version of ceviche called “ceviche with cushuro” (cushuro is a seaweed from the lakes and rivers located at high altitudes in the Andes it was considered a delicacy by our ancestors). Last but not least, we will taste a delicious “causarellena” which is made with yellow smash potatoes and fill up with vegetables and shredded chicken.

Local Market in Surco: After tasting different samples of food in the earlier market now we arrive at Santigo de Surco Market, it was very well-known by locals and visitors since the colonial days till now. Its reputation is well known among people that have a great interest in rainforest food and fresh exotic fruit juices. so, this will be a good opportunity to try a delicious “Juanes de Pollo” or a “Chaufa de Cecina” typical dishes from the forest prepared with authentic and organic ingredients from the Amazon.

Get ready to have one of the most amazing experience, full of surprises, trying the flavors of Peru along the time and listening to the history behind the different dishes we try along the tour.

Barranco: This bohemian cheerful and colorful neighborhood is our last stop, here we will visit one of the most popular restaurants and try the most typical dessert of lima “Picarones” made of sweet potatoes flour, anise seeds, squash, etc. don’t forget to take a camera with you since the attractions are unique and wonderful


  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Transportation to all places we will visit during the tour
  • Local tapas and snacks
  • Professional bilingual tour guide (English & Spanish)