Spanish Grammar Review

If you already speak Spanish, but feel that you make structural mistakes, then you may need to review the most troublesome grammar rules for non native speakers of Spanish with an experienced Spanish instructor.

Some topics be covered are:

  • Ser vs Estar
  • Irregular verbs (Present and Past tenses)
  • Past Simple vs Past Continous
  • Preterit Past tense vs Imperfect Past Tense
  • All preterit tenses
  • Para vs Por
  • Subjunctive (all tenses)
  • Object Pronouns “lo”,”la” vs.”le”
  • Relative pronouns, etc

Pedagogical Grammar approach

  • We follow the Pedagogical Grammar teaching methodology, which involves the grammar that the non native student needs to express with accuracy and correctness in real life communication situations. We take into account the linguistic contrasts with the student’s native language to actively involve the learner in the process of discovering the principles of the language system and facilitate their immediate use in conversational and more complex communication situations.