Conversation & Oral Skills

If you speak Spanish at an Intermediate or higher level, then you are ready to take a course in which you will improve your conversation level and speaking skills; this course will help you overcome the problems that may stand in your way when communicating with native speakers.


  • Improve students’ speaking and listening abilities in Spanish for general or professional purposes
  • Improve confidence when speaking Spanish with native speakers in everyday situations, such as travel, social and business introductions and meetings, using the telephone, effectively participating in a conversation, etc.
  • Experience Peru and Peruvian culture
  • Learn Spanish idioms and Peruvian slang
  • Improve pronunciation, vocabulary use and fluency

Course Levels:

The Conversation and Oral Skills Program has 2 levels:

  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level

Course content Syllabus

  • Oral skills development
  • Conversation and Spanish/Peruvian culture
  • Discussions and debates
  • Class presentations
  • Global issues
  • Spanish idioms and Peruvian slang
  • Creative writing
  • Spanish through film and music
  • Pronunciation/accent improvement


You must have an intermediate level of Spanish (a placement test will be taken).